Our story starts in our home, in Kuku, a rural settlement nestled below the Tararua Ranges. Just like you, we wanted to make smarter choices – for our family, for our household, and for the land we live in – by reducing our use of plastic.

And that’s where you become a part of our story, too. In 2011, we decided we wanted to help more families like us make simple changes that would collectively have a big impact on protecting the country that we call home.

Struggling to find well-made, sustainable solutions for simple daily tasks, we created Pouch Products so that more Kiwis could make smart – and stylish – choices towards a more eco-conscious way of living, every day.

From our family to yours

As a family-run business, we’re proof that you don’t have to be a big enterprise to make a big difference. All our products are designed and made by a qualified seamstress using locally sourced materials wherever possible.

We understand the pressures of fast-paced modern family life. Which is why our products are designed to keep up and last the distance at home or at play, with minimal fastenings and double stitching for durability.

A sustainable approach from start to finish

We believe that doing right by the planet is the only way forward. In doing so, we don’t want to just use less, but waste less.

Each unique pattern is designed to be cut using as much of the fabric as possible without compromising the functionality of the end product. Any trimmings are either composted or repurposed by us or other local companies.

A shift towards a greener world

We believe it should be easier for more people to create less impact. We believe that fashion doesn’t have to be compromised by function, that change doesn’t have to be a challenge and that a greener way of living should be simple, accessible and affordable.

We believe that simple collective changes will bring about the most impact, for our family’s future, and for yours.

Join the shift to a more sustainable world. Shop Pouch.




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