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produce pouch | reusable produce bag

The produce pouch is a fantastic alternative to plastic bags for purchasing and storing your fruit and vegetables. Made from a durable, stretchy, virtually weightless mesh fabric one pouch can easily hold 3kgs of apples.

Simply purchase your produce, wash it, drain it and store it in your fridge all without the need to remove it from the produce pouch. The breathable fabric will also keep your produce fresh for longer.

Add the produce pouch to your collection of reusable bags and feel good leaving the supermarket with no single use plastic bags. 

The produce pouch is extremely versatile, try also using it for bulk food items  :  sprouting beans  :  straining nut milk  :  cheese and yoghurt making  :  straining jams and jellies  :  scrubbing dirt/coatings from produce  :  storing surplus fruit and vegetables from your garden  :  drying herbs  :  storing bulbs and tubers  :  straining compost teas for the garden  :  use the produce pouch in place of muslin and the durable fabric will last and last. See tips & tricks for some great ideas.

Size 30 x 21cm. Individual bag weight 14gms. Fabric polyester/spandex. 
Machine wash in cold water and line dry.